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Pawns in Chess


Los pobres también son iguales
The entire village prayed
Another forgotten soul
To the world, but not to them

No, no puede ser la verdad
They can only sleep now
Their dreams are passing
It is the only thing they own

Dame tu mano
It is the tool of the rich
you are so strong
Your hands open the earth

Muerto de miedo
I want to go to be a man
To take care of myself without fear
But I must leave everyone behind

Mija, como puedo ayudarte
We are only Mayans or Aztecas
Maybe they won’t notice us
My clothes look like a maids

El la miro con amor
He wanted to believe she loved him
She told him so, but he had no money
He could only light a candle at night

Para padre y madre
Please stay with God
We hope Jesus crossed the border
If his people care, we will know