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Pattern of Regular Bewilderment

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Another day passed; even though hard to tell difference

Confused as to what day of the week it even is

All of them lumped together with nothing distinguishing them

Only random activities and what program will be on that night

Calendar a useless tool only to keep up with appointments

Sun never managed to make a cameo appearance

Wondered when it would be time for the next sunrise

Seemed like it almost took a holiday for a few days

Nothing but rain and snow for miles and miles

Polluting the ground almost into a total bleaching of sorts

Lacked the motivation to leave and clean it up

Knowing the upcoming weather reports of more of the same

Disgusted by winter and wished spring would arrive sooner

Rather than later to escape the oppressive blahs

That particular season often brought to the forefront

Developed an obvious case of the winter blues this week

Evident by the lack of sun and sights of the outside world

Beyond a darkened window sill in various rooms of comfort

Watched too many random cat videos and comedy bits online

Too appease growing boredom and discontent

Wondered if contentment would ever arrive

Unsure if it was possible for New Jersey's version of Woody Allen

Minus the obvious scandals of the past and present

Stuck in a pattern of obscene dreariness

Sky full of black clouds and snow laced rain

Pounding the grounds and the parked cars

Perpetually frozen solid from so much snow and ice

Ground unearthed partially due to Mother Nature

And excessive shoveling by the association's hired hands

Mailboxes caked in mud and the frigid elements

Made it a sight for very sore eyes to get the mail

Analyzing too much what is on a screen instead of in front

Wondered why life only seemed worth discussing

Within a certain sized parameter and lots of surround sound

An unrealistic depiction of people unable to embrace real world

Clearly recent world circumstances made that impossible

Afraid to bump into someone out of fear

No longer willing to help the elderly cross the street

Acts of cynicism made genuine acts of kindness almost unreal

Too good to be true moments worth a few double takes

Trying to inject some positive moments of magic into mundane

Easier said than done

Hopefully, practice makes perfect.

Looking for the sun to literally come out tomorrow.

Looking for the sun to literally come out tomorrow.