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Path to Self Discovery


Who can I be When I don't love myself anymore

I hate myself when I am sober

I hate myself even more when I drink though

Who can I trust when I don't trust anyone anymore

They stepped on my heart until I couldn't feel anymore

I locked myself in a coffin

I am scratching and fighting to open the door

How do I move forward when I am not even sure what I am even living for

This is my pain

This is my rage

These are my problems I am too afraid to face

I left my heart to die in a dark space

Gave myself CPR to live another day

I am going to learn to love myself

Some how some way

So maybe someday

I can open my heart to someone who feels the same way

I am more than I give myself credit for

I am going to live this life because I deserve more

I am going to do better

I am going to be the girl I see inside of me

© 2019 Chrissie

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