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Path Reform

Ankit is a spiritual learner and enthusiast. Also pursuing psychology as a career from AIGS also an expert in the medical field.

The path I own to someone

Is there any calm light
Is there any calm night
Are there any warm hugs, which surround me wide.

I followed the path
I followed the nightingale
I followed the river, which soothed me all the time...
I followed the raven
I have been to heaven, nobody I found to kiss my luck
which lacks all delight...

Though the feeling of love, I carried as a burden all this time... found one to whom, my heart can recite,

Followed by miserable moonlights, I found a secret destiny's line, which makes me think of you as I found my


Questions & Answers

Question: Who inspired you to write this poem?

Answer: This poem shows a certain time period of my life, where I was facing lots of issues ( social, psychological) but something was always there to protect me, in that phase as well, I never got depressed, but learns many new ways to live life. I am an old soul, who only believe in spiritualism. My path itself enlightens itself after sometime, all I did was surrender. This gives me insight into myself, which is present ted in the form of this poem.

© 2019 Ankit Tiwari

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