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Past to Present

The Past is the Past for a Reason

It was always my fault when you couldn't get ice.
It was always my fault when you were pissed off & not nice.
It was always my fault when you needed to cheat.
It was always my fault when you hit me & I got beat.
You had me convinced that nobody would ever want me.
You had me feel like your slave & thats all I was ever gonna be.
You had me move my life around just to fit in with yours.
You had me feeling lost, like I didn't know how to run the course.
I was told I was stupid, a bitch & much more.
You called me ugly, fat & even a whore.
All I ever did was try to love you.
I worked my ass off, everything I'd do.
I cooked, I cleaned, I supported, I gave you my all.
I listened, I comforted you, but you treated me like a rag doll.
You used me, abused me, & treated me like shit.
I was lost in what I thought was love, I stayed cause I didn't want you to have a fit.
I wanted to help you, & I wanted you and I together.
I'm glad I got away from you, & that us will never be a forever.
My only regret is that I stayed as long as I did.
You had me be someone I wasn't, & had me hid.
I'm glad I moved on & found the love of my life & I really can't wait to have his last name & be his wife.
Through trial and error, we both went through hell, but it just made us stronger & I'm glad we both fell.
Our past is behind us & the present is here.
Can't wait for the future because it is near.

© 2021 Cassie Lynn