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Pastors Would Also Marry

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Julius Ohiare

Julius Ohiare

He was one of the most brilliant students in the island, and people

Having been looking forward to him to be one of those that would deliver the

Island from those oppressing them. After finishing his advanced studies with

High grade mysterious fire engulfed his father’s cocoa farm which was the

Main source of making money for the man, the profits he makes on the farm is

What he uses in sending his children to school. After this ugly incident it was clear

That things would not be the same again with the family. It was certain that his

Ambition to further his academics would be negatively affected if not totally

Truncated. This saddens him, but he takes solace in what the people are saying that

If it is not this, it may be something worst. It was extremely difficult for the man

To pick up his work again. Therefore, after five years of staying with his father with

Nothing forth coming he decides to relocate to another land to fend for himself.

When he gets to another island where he thinks things would be better he was

Shocked to discover that what he expects was not what happened. He had to be a

Laborer at some places. While doing this, his parents took ill and the money he has

Saved he started sending to them to buy drugs for their chronic ailment. Along the

Line he becomes devoted worshiper in the church he was attending. God seeing his

Heart laid it upon his heart that he wants him to be one of his servants. He thence

Goes to theology school and graduated from the institution in flying colors. After his

Graduation the leadership of the church he was working with say they cannot pay his

Salary and he has to start looking for where he would be paid, but he find none for all

The churches he got to, they told him that they cannot employ a person who is

Single as their pastor because such would soon be sleeping with ladies and women

In the church. When he discovers that this is the major obstacle to his becoming

Employed as a pastor, he starts seeking for a lady to be married to. But those he

Has met would not want to marry him because he is jobless and still depending on

People for support. He was weary of this until a lady was introduced to her. This lady

Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't Love

Has a different perspective to life and of course the pastor. After they had sort

Themselves out and the lass told her parents about the man, her parents also go

Against her marrying him, saying is it pastor that she wants to marry? Then she

Replied them that are pastors not humans? Pastors would also get marry to someone

She replied her parents. Her parents say that pastors in their island are always poor, and

Would not want her to put her neck where she would be suffering later in life. I have

Loved the man she told her parents, adding that she is the one who would live with

Him not them, and if things do not go well, she would bear the cross herself. Her reply

Amazes her parents and having seen that her mind has been made up would allow her to

Marry the man who is about twenty-five years older than her. Five years into their

Marriage. There was a marriage seminar and the resource person asks if anyone could

Share his or her experience with the spinsters to learn from. She was the one who stands

To share her experience with people that she has never have a time to regret her

Decision of marrying her man, because he is her all in all and assuming she has decided

Otherwise, she would likely not be a happily married woman.