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Past Picture Perfect

Beauty of the Past

Memories are both hateful and loving

Of either jow and sorrow

For those good times and bad times

That makes our self a success or a failure

But these all makes our music much more beautiful

Grander, than the one stroke of symphony

Or a one-sided strings of melody.

Pain in Picture

When a picture

Gives you pain

You either hate it

Or ignore it

But when you look

At yourself, on that picture

All is the same

Time is just different

And fate just twist

All part of it.

Perfect Night

I arrest myself

On the windows of the night

Putting the secrets on the shelf

As silence waltz on mem'ries at sight;

The fireflies hop and lit

On the dark patches of the sky

The unpleasant day, you cant admit

Vanishes as what the world imply;

The cricket by the brooks

Sings for the end of the day

And so the frog by the nooks

Cheering loudly, with worries away;

And so the music of silence

Invades the other earth-side

As people dream with decadence

Which tomorrow will decide.

© 2020 DawnToDusk