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Past- Let It Not Last

Leave The Burden To Easily Run

Past- Let It Not Last

Past- Let It Not Last

Past - Let It Not Last

Let the past be where it's supposed to be,

By its burden be free.

Don't carry that painful load,

Along the road.

Carrying the burden of past worries,

Will make you feel tired and weary.

By being in the past, opportunities you will miss.

They wouldn't be noticed.

Past worries would kill your present fervour.

From your past, your present would not differ.

In the form of beliefs by the past you will be led,

Like a shadow with you it will walk ahead.

Your present let it not control.

Let it not stop you from achieving your future goal.

Let it not snatch away your grin.

Let it not make your present ruin.

Let your past be in the past,

In your present, let it not last.

It is said that from the past one should learn,

To not let the storm return.

But by thinking more about the gone storm,

Our present into our past gets transformed.

Similar pain and emotions replay,

And we fail to enjoy our today.

When past would be gone,

A new day would be born.

Only when you will leave the darkest phase.

A new beautiful phase you will embrace.

Only when the darkness dies,

The sun would rise.

Only when the past you would leave behind,

A new vigour you would find.

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