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Passion of Writing

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.


Thoughts on Writing

Our friend and fellow Hubber, Brenda Arldedge, has given us our 42nd word prompt (writing). I have so enjoyed Brenda’s word prompts, but this week I had difficulty coming up with a response. I have finally decided to use what I hope is a bit of humor in my poems. Brenda always writes a great response to each poem, which has been a learning experience for many of us.

Writing is one important form of communication, in letters, books, poetry, cards or various types of work. I have been reading books my whole life, and I will always love to read and write. I have kept diaries over the years also. I have also been a freelance author in the past. Now I just write at Hubpages as I enjoy the interaction between the other authors. I have so many supportive friends here, but I do wish we had the ability to comment on each article.

The first video by Billy Williams is a very old song that my mother use to like. I remember hearing it as a child.

The first poem is a bit silly, and it is about Christmas. We do write Christmas cards and a few words on the gifts we wrap for our love ones. The next two poems are about the struggle to come up with an ideas to write about.



Christmas cards I must write

A written card is just so sweet

I sure will be done by tonight

Receiving a card is such a joy

Gifts stacked up for me to wrap

Christmas shopping finally complete

Now I will put on my Santa cap

All the shopping has hurt my feet

Perfectly wrapping each gift with a bow

A name I write and then I sign my own

When I am done I stand and say wow

The number of presents has sure grown


Billy Williams "Write Myself a Letter"

Acrostic Poem - Struggle for Idea

Writing a poem I want it to be good

Right now my mind is blank again

I know I want to write it very soon

Thinking is giving me a headache

I know I can do it but I am still blank

No way will I fail to write this poem

Going to meet this challenge for sure

Blank Mind

I sat for hours pen in my hand

Staring at the wall, my mind blank

My expectations are always grand

But my hope for success has sank

I finally wrote a sentence down

My imagination now is really slow

My muse is nowhere to be found

The words simply still don’t flow

Frustration mounts as I try to write

Struggling to complete this task

I hope to have it done by tonight

I think it may help to get my flask

I took a few sips to calm my nerves

It seemed to help me begin to write

Getting thoughts stored in my reserves

Ideas flowed and it was not a fight

Brad Paisley - Letter To Me

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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