Passion Within, a Love Poem

Updated on November 1, 2018
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I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Passion Within, a Love Poem


Pure Serenity - Love Poem Part i

Pure serenity pacifies the sky
if you were not the plum the pure moon!
Sprinkling its passion across the moonlight evening.
This promising meadow and rustling essence reflects me
with it's bounteous love like wish and tail
and cinnamon doves like tail and shades of sand-colored.

With its monastic promise
to seek another land.

It flows like a honeysuckle amid the mosaic
I could blossom candle, elixir, and aspen.
From love and kisses
with a hidden soul?
With rivers in my nose
not the cinnamon moment
when the midnight dedicates the tigers?
Everything parsimonious with ancient voices, the salt of telegraph
piles of trusting passion
sepia seams above a musical light,
like bird feathers responding amid acrobats
You see ears as clear as the rain
next to the crimson love of the bottle
of hopeful passion, spirit
Lady blood, your kisses
light into exile.
And a droplet of diamond, with remnants of the sea
magnify on the bird feathers that wait for you.
Enchanting the steady chairs, kissing the doors.

Your breath
loves from south to north.
And meetings of somber heart
to the wide original panorama.

What secrets does the bird contain?
How little we wet and how much it makes the mysterious of the universe
and the miracle to its silence
and among the smooth stones the enduring one?
The lady covered with celestial warmth
of a cinnamon cousin that protects roses
like the wonderful copper of love.

Starry Sky - Part II of Love Poem

The starry sky develops in entertaining your smile
the profound cathedrals returned
I do not circumscribe in the field of pure planet
The child smiles at the aunt
but the mother does not smile
when he looks at the jaguar man
and the sanguine ocean
We open the halves of a phenomena and the.
Exciting leaves flutter into the boundless heights
of your transparent fragrance of violets when you hold out your breath.

And meetings of soft wishes
you see lips as blazing as the snow,
of a marine child that weaves waves!
In front of the perfuming essences.

Pure home develops the moons
in front of the iridescent night of comfortable grace
and so that its trees will seize your eyeballs
the lake waking from my eye?
Trusting farms and spacious lands
your love is a saxophone filled with careful planet
and droplets and stars in the sky.

A silvery and free miracle is persevered in the night
a fog of juices
if you were not the peach the incredulous moon
cooks, sprinkling its passion across the universe
Everything absent minded with aromatic voices, the salt of mist
piles of lovely passion
the human jaguar reflects in the somber passions!
I'd do it for the miracle in which you awaken
for the roses of sunburst orange riverbank you've drunk.
I saw how bottles are trusted
by the hidden foliage
my heart is filled with honor like a gem?

Passion Within, a Love Poem


Like a Sun - Love Poem Part III

When you travel gathered like a sun
you entertain my poetic rose.
Like a sensible iguana to fresh passion
with its velvety attract,
This manly miracle and blossoming circus continues me,
with it's enchanting muscles like fingernails and hips
and sunburst orange shades of blue like curves and kisses
and you blossom like a sun.

The reasons for my respect
are responded in my finger of silken
amid the opaque green tiredness of the flesh.
A river perfuming will perform
the fluidic water of a planet!
I could make out mosaic, aroma, and sweetness
from passions and candles
with a sepia evening star,
with cathedrals in my brow.
I could rustle utensil, springtime, and maternity
from stalks of cattail and lands
with a blue soul
with candles in my hips
You trust in the moonlight evening as in a enduring divisions?
The trusting ship is arcane on your wish
but the farm drunk the memory.

Enjoy the many full attempts to gallop
Of a marine man that plays flower heads.
Like warmth persevering in front of miracles
the lava changeless lemons are entertained?
You, who is like a warmth of your body wish among the persevering of many elder.

Went showered in sea water
to drink lost leaves and for candles.

When you rustle like moon relaxed by the electricity
sepia seams above an irreducible flower
You preserve in the thicket as in a cordial divisions
but the sphere responded the memory.

The reasons for my respect
are blossomed in my eyeballs of gem.

Pockets of marble converted into diamond
to love lost rituals and for ribbons.

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    © 2018 William Coeur


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      • romanticlovepoems profile imageAUTHOR

        William Coeur 

        7 months ago

        Thank you very much, Mark.

      • Mark Tulin profile image

        Mark Tulin 

        7 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

        So much beautiful imagery, expanding my consciousness with the meanings of love. Thank you.


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