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Love With A Capital L

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Life Is Not Always Perfect

Neither is love

We have to take the good with the bad

When we have a good time

The feelings that we feel are real

They make my body shake

I want more

So much more

When I see your smile

Laughing at the littlest thing

Can make any sad feelings disappear

They might come back later

Actually, I know they will

I try not to think about them

Since I am having such a wonderful time

Being together is sharing life's emotions

We are one great big jumbo grab bag of thoughts

These thoughts click together

Like gears on a bicycle

Sometimes we are going along nice and smooth at a high speed

Other times we are pumping hard trying to go up the biggest hill

Then soon we are gliding without peddling at all

Letting the wind blow us along

The high's keep going higher

The joy of your reaction to my touch

The lows sneak in when I wasn't looking

They make me cringe every time

I know all the good feelings I have repeated so often

So I will do everything I can

To feel that way again

Holding you close

Kissing you lightly

Looking at you

Through my beautiful blues

I can see your lovely browns

They make me want to dance all around

Is it happiness that I found?

A lovely concoction of the sweetest joys in life

The greatest desires still left to explore

Leaves us room for so much more

We can't stop now

When the kindness is left behind

Shake off that unhappy feeling

There is no time to waste

Let's see how to make both of us feel great

Come close

Don't say a word

Let me hold you in my arms

Like old times

Thinking of all the best times in our minds

That we have experienced

Feel that feeling

That not only keeps us together

Joins us once again

When we are pulled apart

No friction

No false starts

Plain old love

That never grows old

Straight from the heart

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