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Ntshitseng is a writer, poet and a performer. She uses her words to tap into people's imaginations and of course to inspire them.


Congested feelings, mixed emotions

I seem to lose it every second,

I try to rise up and shine,

Anger, hatred,

Grows filthily inside my heart

Close my eyes and watch my dreams come true

Open them and see the very same dreams crash before my eyes

Will I ever get it right,

Or will it always be the other way around?

Dreams, goals,

All we do have, but turning them into reality

Not all of us have the ability

Education is the key to success,

But passion is the key to happiness

And happiness, the key to success

Am I contradicting myself here?

Of course not...I mean, poetry is my passion

Will I be wrong if I carry it to a career?

I mean, why not

My talent, my passion

My passion, my career

Isn't that fair?

I mean everybody deserves to be happy

Even us 'ordinary' people.

© 2019 Dlamini Ntshitseng Eveline

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