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Passing the Light

I am no longer angry or tense. My cheek bones are eager to smile and to pass joy to anyone that I may come into contact with. I will not hesitate to share the light that God has generously shared with me. I strive to be thought of as down to earth and approachable. For this reason, I behave myself and never fail to use caution when venturing out into the world. I put extra care into my presentation. I wear bright colors to reflect how I feel on the inside, and I keep my sneakers tightly laced at all times so that I am able to run to you, should you ever need my help. I humble myself in each and every thing that I do and I do everything in my power to not get caught up in temptation or desires of this world. As I know where it ultimately leads and have been blessed with knowledge and wisdom of what truly matters. Most importantly, I remember where my happiness and grace came from, and I am always willing to help another one of God's children find true happiness and to reconnect with the Lord if they have wandered off. For I serve as living proof that he gives second chances to those who seek him.


© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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