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Parents of “Baby” Girls

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Big Mummy in her Book-store

Big Mummy in her Book-store

She got married when

Hopes had been lost

On her that she

Will get marry in life

All her mates had

Gotten married and many

Of the children of

Her mates were calling her

“Big” mummy. Because the

Culture of their island

Forbids children to call

A woman or a man

Of the age of their

Parents or who at

Least could give birth

To them “Uncles” or “Aunts”

Thus, “big mummies” or

Big “daddies” have been

Specially coined out for

Such people while addressing them

In the society. Sometimes

Some children would not

Attach the prefix “big”

To their names as they

Would simply address them

As mummies or daddies.

That again is allowed

In as much as

They are not called

“Aunts” or “Uncles”. Theirs’

Accordingly, is said to

Be sane community.

Because the world has

Changed and it is

Going crazy, many perversions

Have been noticed but

According to elders of

The land that again

Has not made anyone

To be using

The site of sores

On the leg to

Be walking, pain that

Would be elicited would

Not allow for that

Thus, the elders came

With such work around

Name for such people in their society

Compelling children to abide

By such. Thus, she

Has been called “big

Mummy by many before

She got married while

Her hubby too was

Called big daddy. Fate

Again, would not smile

On them instantly as

They had to wait

For eighteen months after

Being wedded

Before she could take in.

The joy of everyone

In the neighborhood and

Those that know them

Knew no bounds when

They heard that she

Puts to bed. However,

The striking thing was

She gave birth to

Twins which are males

They are not identical

For they have two separate “pouches”

Identical children usually have

Single pouch so the

Embryological scientists say because

It is a single egg

That divides afterwards to

Form two children that’s

Why they often have

The same mien and

Children During Yoruba Day in a School in Nigeria

Children During Yoruba Day in a School in Nigeria

Sometimes even some parents

Find it extremely hard

To distinguish between the

Duo. In distinguishing them

From each other you

Have to have something

For which you will be

Using to identify them,

People said God gave

Them double blessings at once

Because of what they

Have passed through before

Getting married. They were

Also elated and bless

The name of God

For such wonderful bestowal upon them

This woman would afterwards

Give birth to four

Sets of twins with two

Sets being identical

All of them were

However male children. Because

She wanted to have a

Girl child, she did

Not do family planning

And continues to try

Her luck and would

By this have eleven male children.

When she discovered that

She was not given

A girl child by God

After her delivery of the

Eleventh child that was

When she decides to

Stop given birth. Her

Hubby would after this

Talk to their children

Who are all males

That he has no

Regret given birth to them

For to him that

Was what God desires

Would happen to the couple

And if anyone has told

Him when he was

Yet to be married that

He would have eleven

Children he would not

Have believed but here

He is, live and

Direct having eleven children

This has happened because

Of his wife’s desire to

O have a girl child

At all cost. Now

For my wife and your

Mother not to feel

Neglected among us at

Home, whenever she calls

They must endeavor to answer

Her and when she

Makes mention of girl

Child, all of them

Must rush to her

To show her that

They worth more than

Girl child unto her,

What she is seeking for

In a girl child

They should tell her

That they would provide

Those for her on the spot.

They should let her

Know that she will find

In anyone of them

What she wants in a girl child

Since the day their

Father has addressed them

Like this, anytime their

Mother wants to complain

That assuming she has

A girl child something

Would have been done,

Before she finishes what

Tola, with Birthday Cake

Tola, with Birthday Cake

She wants to say,

About 5 of them

Would have rushed to

Where she is

Asking her what she

Wants to do. When

They continue to do

This, that was when

She stopped complaining about

Not having a girl

Child. In this family

When they call a child

Two or more would

Rush out, but when

They wanted to see

Many of them, their

Parents would call female

Child, and no fewer

That five of them

Would rush out

Of their closets abandoning

What they are doing

To appear before their

Parents saying at once

“We are more than

Girl child unto you

What do you want

To do? They will chorused

Thereby their parent would

Then talk to anyone

That she or he wants

To assign job among them

What has been inculcated

In the hearts of

This man’s children is

Reflected in their lives

In their schools and

Anywhere within the

Community. Any where anyone

Talks about a girl child

And any of them

Is nigh by the person

Talking about girl child

With no girl child

Beside the person, he

Would walk to the

Person to ask the

Person to assign him

The duty she or he

Wants to assign the

Girl child, who is

Not nearby “for there

Is no work that a

Girl child can do

That I cannot do”

Any of them would

Say unto the person

Like that. The people

Within the island have

Seen this and that’s why

They christened the couple

Parents of “baby” girls

The children have grown

And all married

Yet they still do

This where they are

And a week would

Not pass before one of

Them pay their parent

A visit with his family

The eldest son is

The one whose abode

Is the farthest among

All the children, yet

He comes to his parent

At least twice a year

During the 80th birthday

Of their mother and 82nd

Birthday of their father

Which was done in July

The month of their mother,

While their father’s month

Was January. They deliberately

Mark it together

They were all present

With their wives and

Children to mark the

“Birthdays” together with them

The fun time was

When the wife of

The eldest son called

Them out for their

Short presentation. The wife

Of the youngest son

And the wife of the

Third son were walking

And talking and during

This time the youngest

Son’s wife says, “Oh

How I wish I have a girl child”

That was when they

All rushed out from

All angles to the

Podium panting and

Chorused “we are more

Than girl child unto

You what do you

Want to do?”

We shall do it

For you, and the

Eldest son says that

Up, we have been doing it

And the rest completes

The word in chorus

And we shall not

Renege in our duties

Of doing this for

You as long as

You live. Their parents

Looked at each other

Embraced themselves shedding tears

Of joy for they

Are indeed parents of

“Baby” girls.


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