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Parental Apologies

Life hasn't ended up the way we want,
Dreams drown deep and nothing there to flaunt,
I wish I was the child who didn't die inside,
Because things crashed so I try to run and hide,
Traces of my soul are scattered into pieces,
A blank image of humanity I don't really need this,
Father forgive me for everything I have done,
Mother I love you even though I'm not the son,
That you tried to mold into your perfect thought,
But i have my own life and for that I had sought,
Happiness even though in my head it's only rain,
A broken child from a broken home with only pain,
What else should I say? I did the best with what i had,
Im surprised I got this far when most days are always sad,
Dad, I didn't mean to disappoint you as I am a failure,
Mom, even though we fight I love you and you love me I am sure,
Days turn to weeks turns to years,
So little time but so much to fear,
Death is always near but always out of sight,
I have to fight it though with all of my might,
Not death but the constant battle within us all,
I have to pick myself up even though I have to fall,
I stand so tall even though I don't want to at all,
I don't know what to do,
Im lost inside all that is new,
Im not fully there my brain is missing a couple screws,

© 2018 Tommy Hall

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