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Parasites of Humanity - A Planets Downfall

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.

Parasites of Humanity - A Planets Downfall

Parasites of Humanity - A Planets Downfall

Parasites of Humanity - A Planets Downfall

Our home, our world, our planet.

It is teeming with life, with love, with hatred.

Pollution fills the air and our lungs without us even being aware.

We use our technology thinking we have come a long way.

We haven't.

We have filled a once pristine planet with trash and harmful gases.

The bottom line; Greed.

Greedy Governments
Greedy Corporations
Greedy Humans

Thinking only of the almighty dollar.

Spewing out lies; poison.

Sweeping life-saving ideas and technologies aside so that their pockets can remain stocked with greenbacks.

Oil is a "dinosaur."

It is time to move into the future.







Nikola Tesla Free Energy.

Stop killing.

Killing the Planet
Killing each other
Killing ideas

End Oil
End Gas
End Coal
End Cutting
End Waste
End your greed before it's too late!

It's ending us. It's killing the Earth.


Stop and think.

Teach future generations, to stop.

Live life green.

Be one with the Earth.

Earth will reward us.

Final Thoughts

Everything lives in harmony with the Earth; everything but us. Our very presence on the planet seems out of place. We act and live in a manner like no other creature on the planet. Our very existence in this world seems to upset its balance. Humans already have caused the extinction of over 680 species.

Think of the earth as a living entity. Just as a human, it can be hurt. If I cut off your ear don't you think that would hurt? Of course, it would. You would also lose partial hearing.

It is the same for the planet earth. When we cut down a rainforest, it's like cutting the earth's ear off. It hurt the planet. It impacts the planets ability to function correctly, just as it would if you lost a limb.

Our pollutants are literally choking the planet. They are creating an unnatural atmosphere of poison gases.

What if someone filled your home with toxic smoke and gases? You would not be able to breathe in that atmosphere, would you? "No", of course not, you would die of asphyxiation.

We dump toxic waste and trash into our oceans. We are literally making this planet unsustainable for life.

We have become the pimple on the planet's ass. A nuisance that needs to calm down and stop doing harm. For one day this giant we call Earth may decide we need to be "POPPED!".

Do we really want to harm the planet to a point where it is crippled? A point where it can no longer sustain life?

"NO!" I truly believe humans have a greater purpose. Not to destroy worlds, but to bring life to worlds. Even to restore dead worlds. Imagine going to a planet like Mars and creating an atmosphere for it. Then introducing life into it. Perhaps one day we will?

For now, we need to focus on the basics. Taking care of our own planet. Once we do, it will reward us and provides us with everything we need to maintain long healthy lives.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi

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