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Parasite- A Woman's Unconditional Love Poem

Hello. I am a literature student who just keep falling in love harder and deeper into poems. Appreciating art is my full time job!

How Many Leeches Does It Take To Kill A Woman's Soul

Edvard Munch (Love and Pain)

Edvard Munch (Love and Pain)

Video of the Poem

Parasite---a poem


As much of a parasite you are,

that much of a glad host i am.

You leech of me,


so naturally accustomed.

Like a Virginia Creeper on a dry wall,

you latch onto me.

I am infected by you,


i let you.


Neither i drained,

nor emaciated.

Rather oddly, drenching in famine,

i look for ways to give you,

even more-

even more than,






A woman's love is like diving into the ocean. The deeper u go, the harder u fall in love. This poem is a brief window to a women's soul. a reflection of her true feelings, so sacred that it takes an extraordinary man to deserve her.

© 2021 Shayeeda Shady

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