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Paradise Not Lost: A Poem for Lent Season

Paul is an Engineer. A graduate from a Catholic University. A rebel and a romantic...

Jesus, here is my heart.
Can you hear it beating?
Life is falling apart...
Feels heavy I'm leaning....

Jesus, here is my mind...
Memories you can find
Are impure and unkind;
To you I'm not aligned.

My dreams turn to ashes;
The ark I made crashes...
Fruits of my sins I reap
I am now a lost sheep.

I accepted the lies
Ran away from the truth...
And like a lost fire fly
I chase after my youth.

Exhausted but can't sleep...
As voices keep me up...
Screaming, "Just give it up!!!"
All I can do is weep....

Jesus...I surrender
I am an offender!!!
Fragile as morning dew
Stained with sinful red hue
My soul kneels before you....

Forgive me...Forgive me...
Is my broken heart's plea.
Your love will set me free;
In heaven, I shall be
For all eternity.

© 2018 Paul Balagtas


Paul Balagtas (author) from Philippines on October 24, 2018:

Thank you Ms. Poppy for appreciating it...

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on October 24, 2018:

How nice! I like it :)

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