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Paradise: The Ever Lasting

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Adnan is a poet, writer and story teller who lives in Maharashtra India.

Jannah is a Arabic word,

Literally means paradise (garden).

No eyes has ever seen,

No ears has ever heard, and

No mind has ever imagine.

Where you will be reunited,

With your family and friends.

The gardens beneath which rivers flow,

The Promise of your lord is true.

Gardens of never ending residence,

An eternal and final home.

You will get whatever you wish and a peace,

And live there forever and ever.

There will be no suffering,

Nor a single pain or headache.

A cup of wine from a flowing spring,

And whatever desire fruits and Meats.

Taste and smell will never changed,

Continuos rivers of water, milk, wine and honey,

Indeed the Promise of your lord is true.

The status of women is high,

Where paradise lies beneath her feet.

The life of this world is temporary,

Paradise is our true home.

Do good deeds as many you can,
Strive hard to achieve place in paradise.

"Jannah – may we all meet there.” Ameen.

© 2022 Adnan