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Paper Shredder

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I'm electromech and my hobby is to write poems any topic under the sun.

Let me comfort you in my ways.


Like a Paper Shredder

If you could only plug me into your heart

I know ways that can tear your worries apart

Living in his dream for so long

It's in my arms where you belong

Like a paper shredder

You can forget him forever

Like a paper shredder

I can subside your fear

Turn your secret into pieces

In my world you are my princess

I can ease your world and that's what I do

I promise you my princess and that's true

Let me comfort you in my ways

'Cause I see loneliness in your face

I know the sufferings that you've been through

And I can tear them apart and throw

I will never bring back the past

'Cause a new beginning is here at last

Never look back and you'll never be sad

Move on and I show you things you never had

© 2019 cruzerick