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Paper Houses


House of Cards

House of cards

You've been down many paths before
in this life, you can own a 100, 000 worlds
or anything physical you can conceive
the novelty wears off
you always lack that something.

Stop building houses out of a decks of cards
placed on top of paper bridges
you have traded a handful of dust
for a chance at the Hereafter, and
access to the Eternal Consciousness.

It is time to stop playing around now,
even children grow up from the breast
and move onto solid food, then wisdom food
and finally, they hunt for the Spirit Food

Become a hunter, a seeker of the Invisible
all secrets are awaiting the sharpening
of the inner vision of eye and ear
which combine, shaping vision of the heart
leading to the mine of unimaginable treasures,
the trove of The Living One, attainable only by
following the Way of Light.

Revised: 2nd edition Mon Jul 11:56 2019

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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