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Paper Airplane Forgiveness

Alexandra Lang is a 25 year old performer currently traveling the world, writing about her time around the universe.


I’m starting to wonder why I can’t use my words as if they are currency.

Why can’t my “I love you”, be an exchange for a token of your laughter?

Why can’t it be enough for a jukebox of every song you said reminded you of us?

Why can’t my breath fill up a hot air balloon, and travel to wherever you are?

Why can’t my hands be stronger than the walls you built up around the word commitment?

This is not to make you feel guilty for what you did, however long ago you did it.

This is to say that if you ever fell into lonely and called my name, I would craft myself into a paper airplane, and land right next to you.

No, I am not the embodiment of forgiveness, but I am still in love with every person who has ever left their handprint in mine.

I can’t tell if wanting one more trial that I know will end in error makes me endlessly selfish, or hopelessly nostalgic.

There is still a space in the air at the location you said you were no longer searching for happiness because you already found it; it is now accompanied by the joy of realizing it was me.