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Panic Stricken on a Deserted Island

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Returned from a place utter Hershey's filled bliss

After a week-long fling with Mr. Goodbar and his crew

Back now to a place of rapid uncertainty

Trapped in the inescapable muck and mire

Hemmed in a place of complete discomfort

Tied to a wooden rack during the Spanish Inquisition

Being stretched out like some inflexible Pizza dough

Bones snapping like useless twigs on a woody trail

Wondering when the pain will evaporate

And complete peace will take hold of a lead filled spirit

Don't understand being stuck in an endless nightmare

Of drowning in imaginary water and coughing it up afterwards

Confidence a thing of a very recent past life

Anxiety a physical manifestation of being terrified of what's next

Ants crawling all over my hand and legs ready to take hold

Damaging all motor functions as they cause havoc on the day-to-day

Brain filled with too many crossed wires and frayed nerves

A electrical mess that even an expert couldn't untangle

Wondering what the next step or fee that will be charged

Looking for when the big explosion will occur

The one that happens in every 80s action flick

With the hero jumping off a tall building or a bridge

Always landing right to certain safety

Of course, that's the case

If the stars like Stallone and Willis were on the marquee

It was guaranteed that the hero always won out

Sadly, Hollywood and reality never mixed

Happiness fleeting as long as they were at the top of the Box office

Once they became "Box Office Poison," that was a different story

Wondering if there were more to life than reliving past glories

No matter how short lived they were

Entering a fame rehab of sorts to iron out the kinks

Looking for Mr. Goodbar's gang to regain that loving feeling

Hard to find but that's better than nothing.

The road to bliss or doom.

The road to bliss or doom.