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Pandora’s Utopia Imagined

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


We don’t need anyone’s permission to enter into Pandora.
All are welcome. The lowly, the abused, the mistreated and confused.
You get the picture. Pandora isn’t what you imagine it to be.

It’s a dimension floating through space that’s darker than dark with stars shinning brighter than bright, the brilliance of which are striking as diamonds. It’s a place you’d want to imagine for yourself to go to, to heal mentally, spiritually, physically.

A place of solidarity and compassion.
A place of protection.
A place to feel free to spill your deepest secrets without judgment or condemnation.
A place to heal with help of a caring confidant.

Where memories reflect off the ripples of time.
Beautiful ripples floating across the universe precise in nature.
Currents of energy bouncing back and forth between my mind and yours.
I hope you’ll embrace the sensitivity of the spark that reflects my passion for you.


© 2021 Laurie S Novak

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