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Pandemic Poet.

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


Alone with your misery hurts so much
Seeking others to empathise
When all you need is some human touch
The truth in your eye's turn to lies.
Only I seem to be a believer
That anxiety destroys the soul
The pain in your eye's the deceiver
To others pretend your in control.
Silent tears echo around the bedroom
Private thoughts so easy to hide
Shadow of your grief paled by the moon
Asking others for help dents your pride.
Living with yourself is complicated
With others amplifies your complexities
Sometimes you just end up hated
Or anonymous with no identities.

It's so easy to step into the limelight
And thrust yourself into favour
Shine amongst the brightest stars
Until you begin to waver.
Notoriety of accomplishments
Isn't the shield to protect you from harm
Obscurity becomes a haven
To deflect unwanted charm.
So now we've become a singularity
Not a direction we had planned
A pandemic of medieval proportions
Today's society can't understand.
Alone we wrestle with mental health
Not our decision to remain apart
An invisible killer Stalks our streets
With our lives it breaks our hearts.

Who are we if we don't care about each other
Who are we if we don't empathise
What are we if we're just selfish
How can we just walk away
Who are you just reading this
Can you feel the tension
Why do you ignore the truth, and
Leave those alone with apprehension

Lurking on a Web page
Wondering should I go or stay
Thumb poised above the keypad
Wondering what to say
Anonymously seeking refuge
Secretly hoping to reveal
Tempted but still you refuse
Hidden feelings that you feel.

What is there to live for
If for you there is no love
Who's there to call on you
If for you there are no friends
Who is there to listen to you
If for you there is no voice
Don't be invisible,
You do have a choice.

Social media can steal the very essence of your being, can thwart the realisation of your existence, can distort your own image, or it can catipult you from obscurity to noteriety there usually is no middle ground, how you let social media manipulate your life is binary because its basic level of existence is through zero's and one's
Everything is just binary
Zero's one's zero's one's
It's not really complicated
Just zero's and one's
Your life is binary
Just zero's and one's
Think of them as mental
Switches zero's and one's
Electrical impulses
Zero's and one's
Your life is binary
Zero's and one's.
From an analogue existence
To digitised all in the connection
Of binary code.

We all seem lost together
Yet we follow each other blindly
Doesn't matter the weather
Just hope your words are kindly
If we're all lost who can find us
As we tread this winding track
Images of beauty blind us
Hollow laughter taunts
There's no way back.

It's good to talk
But there is only silence
Words forming before your eyes
Sentences stammering
A deep breath
Nobody is listening
Hey is there anybody out there
The ticking of the clock
Only tinnitus tick tock

Fragmented society
Watching smiles across distant screens
Social isolation
Hungers for a hug
Yearns for a touching embrace
Where we are now
Is unprecedented
Alien to our society
We reach out
And offer words of encouragement
Recognition to those
Who selflessly give
Unashamedly love
A hug will hold tears of rememberance
When as a whole we are reunited.

Just like the Wolves digging in the dust
I sway on lupine legs
Seeking those I wish to trust
But my stoic expression never begs.
Amidst the decay of tumbling egos
Afar from the penetrative gaze
Noteriety on the digital breeze blows
Another yesterday's story rapidly fades.
You can scroll for infinite days
The stories multicoloured themes
In the blink of an eye swallowed by the haze
The serpent in the sun dazzlingly beautifully sleek
Hypnotic dances sways through time
Above the hilltop the serpent queen restlessly peeps.

Pandemic Poet
Its not all about misery and death
Hidden behind the wavering smiles
We're told to hold our breath
There's so much negativity
Fears compound the issue
Catch it bin it save lives blown
Into a tissue
But there's goodness fellowship and
Strength that walks amongst the people
Thank you NHS emblazed upon the steeple.

© 2020 Mark

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