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Painting Sunlight

Passionate storyteller striving to create meaningful connections. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

One word, a whisper,
the sound that drives us
or causes anger
and resentment.
Just one word
could make hearts unite
or stay apart
in times to come.

If sounds are precious
and the music of surroundings
makes you believe
that tone and guidance are one,
close to souls
that stay young,
treasure caressing words
learn that their echos
long after you are spirit
and stay,
a whisper on leaves
of tomorrow.

Convince, draw in a circle
those who share feelings,
don’t try to make a heart
light up
if there’s no spark
The light won’t come
when bidden
it needs to be there,
for yesterdays,
memories full of hope
that arise with one sunset,
keeping the hues
of thankful happiness.

No time is lost when you seek out,
dance with another soul,
exchange the words you treasure,
hear what you most desire
the sound that makes you feel
you can stay
in this home,
now that it has become
your own
garden of faith.

© 2021 Amy Christie

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