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Painting Negativity In Disgustingly Bright Colors Of (Fake) Positivity

Emee.chan is a genuinely content person. Not happy all the time nor sad. She feels as every normal human being does.


Embodiment Of Magnificence

We photoshop our happiness
By adding filters to our sadness.
Making it burst with colors
Instead of boring blankness.

We smooth over our feeling of remorse
By layering it with copious amounts of satisfaction and pride.
Our lives couldn't be better if we tried,
All of it one grand charade.

Is it really worth the effort
To apply that makeup of pure joy every day?
Don't you worry that at some point
It'll wash off?

It rains in the real world, you know.
Sun doesn't shine constantly.
Birds don't sing all the time.

Unicorns don't leave trails of rainbows behind.
People somewhat honest with themselves don't smile and laugh 24/7.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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