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Painted Prelude

There i stood on the vast silence

Watching the setting circle beyond the horizon

And looks down, seeing myself

With reddish eyes and a pool of rushing tears

Crippling and creating beams of ripples,

Flustering the image

Feeling like I'm transient to the world

Thus, like to imbibe all guilt and loneliness

So ambience may suffice a fetish for living

That may pastiche a succinct overview

And rise again in a scintillating way;

Looks up at the sky tavern and then turns around

Taking a scrupulous attention,

Leaving atrocious emotions

While taking an accolade brevity to myself

Took a clandestine peek over something from the clouds

Smiles silently, shut the eyelids down and

Strive with perfect aplomb...

© 2020 DawnToDusk