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Painless Memory

Writer and a poet. Most poems were lyrical. A dedicated writer with published ebooks on a social media platform.

Painless Memory

I'm alone, I was abandoned;
In the dark I'd seen a demon;
It was not my imagination;
It was not even misconception.

I am shivering, I am afraid;
Several thoughts that are hard to dwell;
Pros in my mind are prevailing;
How can be my faith retain.

I am fragile, no one can touch;
On my hands, dozens of poniards;
Noises makes me aware, they might snatch;
and an unwanted death in an instant.

Solitary gave me strength;
Abandonment gave me bravery;
Loneliness makes life easily;
Happiness I never had.

© 2019 Makatang Pilipina

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