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Pain, a Eulogy: Merging With Her Light, to My Dear Departed Sister, Laslyn. Saturday's Inspiration, 35

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

R.I.P, my Beloved Sister


Ode to Pain, a Eulogy: Merging With Her Light

As a child, I felt and saw her frequently, yet

I did not know who she was. She cried in my

Stomach, gave me ugly hungry faces; charmed

The many doctors, who loved to see my cuteness.

I first saw her on my mother’s face. Although

Mom frequently smiled at me, I would sometimes

Find her weeping in the bedroom, the bright colour

In her face already dissipated, like passing clouds.

Sometimes she sobbed in the garden, like a

Willow; even the light zephyrs couldn’t stem

The flow, of the ‘hanky’ in her hands, like a dim

Candle, reaching out to our Lord in heaven.

She had many burdens, concerns … made

Sacrifices in the face of adversity; showed resilience

And fortitude, and above all, Love! Much later, I became

Aware that we as humans, all shared a unique, but similar struggle.

The last time I saw pain, was on my sister’s face,

As my soul flew nearly 5,000 miles to Houston.

Stained black, sunken, emaciated from the many ascitic

Drainage, as the nasal prongs, tried to enhance her breath of life.


What a remarkable and loving soul, she was!! Full

Of vivacity, exuberance, selflessness and magnanimity,

Almost unto the end. I extolled her virtues … her dauntless

Courage; her generosity of spirit; I consoled her with tenderness,

Solace, softness … my knowledge, of the immortality of the soul.

She could not speak then, but looked peaceful enough,

As the oxygen tubing from her nostrils … of God’s blessings,

Ensured that she would see out the end of her 56th birthday.

I felt pain in my Heart, which flew straight to Paradise, as she

Gave me an affirmative elbow, even while transitioning from

This life. My tears become bright candles, merging with her Light.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 10th April, 2021


Pain and its sister: suffering


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