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Pain That Lasts A Lifetime

Cheryl is a published poet who has won awards for her work. She enjoys sharing her perspective in rhyme.

Troubled child

Troubled child


He deals with so much that he cowers in shame

He“s never seen his father and doesn’t know his name

His friends go home after school but he lives in a shelter

He feels as if his life has become Helter Skelter

He has trouble reading and can barely write

He cries himself to sleep each and every night

No computer or cellphone no name brand shoes

Everything he owns is hand me down, second hand and used

He’s bullied been assaulted and verbally abused.

His life in one constant tale of the blues

He will grow up and try to forget his past but

Like others his childhood pain most likely will last.

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston

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