Updated on January 26, 2018
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Sandra is an English-Creative Writing major. She spends half of her time in Naples and half in Detroit, her favorite hip comeback city.

Princess Sparkles at Sunrise

Princess Sparkles
Princess Sparkles | Source

P.S., by Sandra Zuidema

Princess Sparkles

not outside, but

inside with fireworks.

Never knowing what

on earth she was thinking, but

knowing it was filled to the brim

with a heaping dose of love.

Born with it, she brought it to the table,

without hesitation.

Gifts galore to all

who rang the doorbell.

Tail-a-waging, ears back,

snaggle-tooth beaming with a gooey bone.

Never a day, I wasn't her

Favorite thing.

© 2018 Sandra Zuidema


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