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Princess Willow and Princess Mousy

Rdsparrowriter is a Sri Lankan Poetess written story books in poetry form. She's passionate and writes from heart covering subjects.

Princess Willow's favourite cartoon character :)


Princess Willow and Princess Mousy, how cute are they?

I miss them a lot almost every single day

Their laughs, giggles, shrieks and their ear piercing screams

Jumping up and down on bed, pillow fighting and games.

It's been a month since they have gone to stay with their grandma

Whom they adore and love, living alone so far

I miss them so much, they are my weekly dose of happiness

Thanks to them, I hardly intake medicine for lowest sadness.


Princess Willow is our little chef as she bakes cakes using sand and paper

Her creativity inspires me and brings out the child within me as a favour

I'm surprised by her quick kindness whenever my hand or leg gets hurt

She gently caress even blowing air softly on where it hurt.

When she bake cake made out of sand and decorated with cut paper sprinkles

She celebrates my birthday, hers, her sister's and both of their dolls

Where I have to sing 'Happy birthday' for all, give a gift and kiss including the dolls

Simple acts could make my princesses eyes light up and smile for all.


I make sure to prepare dinner, clean the pantry and the kitchen

Fold the clothes and hang in the other before I go there to have fun,

Once a week I visit my princesses with whom I spend quality time

About six, seven hours of fun, my very own memorable time.

Although my body feel tired by the end of the day after playing,

My heart is fully charged, overloaded with happiness that I keep craving,

Their gentle hugs and kisses, their sparkly glittery eyes delighted with excitement

Spending time with them makes life worthwhile and my heart enlightened.

Sometimes princess Willow put makeup and style my hair

She sees me as a mermaid and sometimes as Elsa because of my long hair

She uses her tent as an underwater kingdom and pillows as rocks

Then she would pretend to swim and collecting rocks.

Her little sister Princess Mousy follows the actions of her's

Sometimes reminds me to do the same and be a part of the mermaid kingdom

It's fun pretending and playing along without a worry or doubt

I feel so comfortable around my princesses to be myself without acting out.


I love playing hide and seek with my cute little princesses

More than hiding I enjoy the search of my princesses

Once found, their laugh is such a priceless gift to me

Sometimes covering me with pillows as a horse they ride me.

Princess Willow is a little lazy to write and do homework

But she gets excited about making food or watching cooking work

Princess Mousy loves to dance and sing, read or atleast repeat after me

Both of them hug their soft toys and watch cartoons with me :)

Nowadays I miss my Princesses on a daily basis, their company I enjoy

I keep thinking of their adorably cute interactions with me

I keep counting days until their return to their home

So I could visit and spend quality time at their home.

Sometimes I'm touched by Princess Willow's planning for our next meet

The way she suggest, I finds it very difficult to reject so I postpone our meet

Saying that if my mom gives me permission only I can attend

So for now, let's just focus on having fun instead :)


As soon as I sit on my stool or chair, even if I'm in a conversation

Princess Mousy would bring her precious possession

Her 'Woofy dog' and 'Mickey Mouse' land on my lap

As I give a hug and a kiss to the soft toys, her eyes light up.

At Mousy's last birthday, her cousin sis wanted for me to pretend along with her

Just to check what Mousy would do if cousin and I fought to have the same toy of her,

Imagine my surprise, every time Mousy would go to her cousin and takes her toy

She would hug and kiss, then gave that toy to me and in return, like her, I hugged and kissed each toy.

I felt great and honoured by Princess Mousy's simple action as she chose me every time

I suppose it feels great when you become someone's choice everytime

I make sure to be generous with my words to cheer and encourage both girls

They have become my God given special blessings who are like beautiful pearls.

Princess Mousy's favourite cartoon character :)

© 2021 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa

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