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Pretty Future

Miranda is a lover and writer of science fiction, short stories, and poetry.

Pretty Future

Pretty is her name

unlike others she did not think the same

Her feet were rooted in the past

Her time was now at last

and she had to make a choice

Yes Pretty was her name

and she thought she lost her grip

and refused to play the game

As she thought and thought she bit down on her lip

Pretty's heart would melt when she remembered the kiss

Her first love left her for an ugly mess of the average wise girl

She got smarter and worked harder

Pretty remembers with sorrow

She was the ugly mess my first love left me for

and I am dying for what?!

And then...

Pretty's heart suddenly hit the floor

I no longer held his interest I was a bore....

yes, yes, yes, but an ugly pretty mess

A boring Pretty mess was I

sexy Pretty

and boring

He left me

my first love

for a poor dinosaur

Average and wise was her name

And Pretty

unlike Average

was vain

I, Ms. Pretty was vain and naive

My first love broke

my heart and ran away

Now my future from this day on

will be bright

And I Pretty

will have a Pretty future

Be wise

and not be a bore in any man's heart


My name now is Pretty Future

© 2019 Miranda Blanks

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