Pregnancy and Child

Updated on January 16, 2018

Pregrancy and child

When you come swear to come to you
From my embrace I will not take you
I promise I will give you everything
All the time, my friends will let you know

I'll be your guardian angel
I saw a dream that you would be born to me the precursor
With a whisper, "I love you" is powerful

currently intact
Quickly come into my arms look forward to me
When you are born
In my poems you will be silent
you will have a wonderful world only
in the world at some point you will wander
A child will die

Years and years
Everywhere you will be my little kid
we alone are the days that pass
For me, you are my stepfather

The pain of the mother is unbearable
To cry your child from burning
Try your assistant
With an ointment that is reversible


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