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Poetic Version- Nightmare


A little girl sleeping on her bed
at 2 am woked up with a fear
started shivering speedingly
how if it becomes a reality?

she goes out of the room, on the approach
saw a sky and stand beside the window
asked the Lord what she saw
a nightmare of a coming future or past

she looks at a glittering star called a poll star
with ideation arrived in her mind
that this had become real world
and she was dismayed

A little boy going to school slither in the rain
a clamor for help and squat on the floor in the rain
she walked adjacent to him and gave help in the rain
nightmare became a reality 2years back in the rain

why after so long this dream came she imagine
and thinking about it she goes to the bed
close her eyes and slumber morning arrived
dazzling sunshine with delicacy