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Poem- a Magnetic Mind

Poem- A Magnetic Mind

What we think and visualise,

In a jiff, is in front of our eyes

Amazing is the power of our thought to attract

It has a great impact!

And thus we have idioms like’ for a hundred years you will stay alive’,

When we think about someone and they arrive.

Our mind has great power and might

.And that’s why thinking of the devil makes the devil no more out of sight!

The ability of our mind to attract is immense

We just need to miss a thing’s presence

Our mind’s power to attract is not only proved by taking a person’s name

,It is also proved when we think and visualise our goal and aim.

Our mind is like a magic wand and amazes us with its magic and miracles.

Our dreams turn real from reel.

But if our mind has the power to make us reach the pinnacle it also has the power to make our life full of debacles.

So positive you should think and feel

It’s your choice as to whether you want to attract a life of hell or a life of paradise.

Whether you want to fall or rise.

If a devil can’t defy,

As soon as you think of it, it appears in the wink of an eye!

So what you consider angel,positive and towards what you have great love and affection,

Will definitely obey your mind and never can be a paragon of transgression.

So it all depends on your thinking.

Thus never feel sinking.

So your mind is the leader, your life just follows and abides

,It is the mind that leads.

So in your mind let only positive thoughts reside.

Plant only good and positive seeds.

Your mind has all the power.

Your life is just its follower.

It is in your hands what kind of thoughts you select.

The same the reality will reflect.

So in your mind thoughts of positivity and zest you should sow

And in no time your life will be its shadow.


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