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Please Just Hold My Hand


Hey, hold my hand. I think am losing it for real this time.
I forgotten how it feels just to held. And to be held right. Just squeeze my hand for a moment, shock me back to reality.
Just hold my hand and don't let go. Even if is ask you too. Sometimes its the goodbyes am more afraid of that's why I lose grip , just before it becomes a part of me that I might need more than just surgery to get rid off.
Hug me like you don't wanna let me go. If I start letting go, hug me tighter. I need that, though I might not really say it out loud much. Its in your hugs that I honestly feel alive and safe and secure.
Hey, please just put your arm around me, let's walk to the end of the rainbow. Watch the butterflies criss cross, and the not so heavy drops soak up your hair. And that smile form on your angelic face.
Hey, please just hold my hand. Am certain its you I want doing that. Let's walk to where the sun sets together. Am not going to lose my grip this time, even when the sun sets I'll sing and read poems about you to the moon...
I'd get a tattoo of you, but it can't compete with you. So am gonna treasure you like the air I breathe .
Just take my hand and never let go.

© 2021 Amani Utembu

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