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Plan With the End in Mind



We flow with the direction of elements

We sway with the breathing of the wind

We swim according to the wave of the water

We fly with each passing rhythm of the sky

We stand, run, crawl, and walk in unison with the heartbeat of the land

We scream when a molten lake from underneath emerges

It is undeniably a masterpiece

The unification of colors and spirits

Collision of time and space

I hold firmly the reason of my existence


You just do not follow the movement of the element

You merge with the benefits and beauty of the moment

Every journey should have a plan with the end in mind

You should know what you want

Know how to get it

If good for you, keep it

The purpose remains

Not forgotten

Never put aside

You are not lost, a home where your heart remains.


You can question

But you do not stop reaching your goals

You can hesitate

But you keep on moving forward

You can doubt

But you hold true to what is real

You can stop

But you continue still

Life is a matter of choices

It can be bad or good


It is never wrong to hope

Not a mistake to believe

Action is needed to get my goals

Planning is useless without effective execution of the how

The world is enormous to be fully understood

The leaks and loopholes are humongous

Humans are insisting to be complex than being simple

It is not a crime to follow God’s will and purpose for us

Yet, the difficulty to follow 100% is not easy for the vast majority.


When you are aiming for a goal

Think and plan so you can get it

Analyze the situation

Act on it

Review actions made

Revise if and when needed

You can start all over

No point in sticking with a plan

When the goal is not clear, unachieved

Stay specific, remain aiming for the goal and focus on the process.

© 2018 Ronadel Razon

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