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Different Day

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Everyday is a different day

Wake up

Make your bed

Brush your teeth

Take a shower

It sounds like a constant thing but

The minute you walk out the door

The drama begins

All the cars driving up and down

People running to catch taxi’s

Children carrying heavy school bags

You carried away into your own space

When you realise it

you where you need to be

I mean is it not strange

We see the same things everyday

Yet somehow we still manage to get confused

We still don’t know what to expect

We still wait for instructions

And we still fail on some of them

It’s just like crossing a road

Just think of how long you have been doing that

Yet it’s never just a pleasant feeling

You still think of getting hit by a car

Even though you know the robots work

It just does not get any easier

Just more complicated

Because we never know what to expect

It’s always a different day

Khosa Ednah