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Overcooked Emotional Omelet

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Arrived at the conclusion that smooth sailing wasn't in the cards

Despite numerous efforts to keep the train on the tracks

Always managed to get derailed at the slightest provocation

Tension ratcheted up to the point of near hysteria

Developed a modern day version of "the vapors"

Minus fainting at the sight of anything or anyone worth effort

Needed logical reasoning to come back into play

Taking away this thin vail of constant nervousness

Have had a sense of repeated and numerous turnabouts

Flipped around in so many different directions and emotions

Unsure which feelings were justified and which weren't

Doubtful to trust those who lack sincerity after a few bad eggs

Came out of the carton and managed to corrupt a few breakfasts

Annoyed and beyond cranky due to not being a genuine morning person

Never had the initial pep in their step to be a morning show kind of gal

Perpetually cheerful even when delivering shocking news to world

Almost made it seem like they lacked a sensitivity chip to be on TV

What can be done to stop the inevitable from happening

Harder than anyone can possibly imagine or fathom

Difficult to comprehend going from one extreme to next

Smooth sailing to floundering under choppy conditions

From rational thinking to bursts of irrational stress

Cracked open and exposed inside a cast iron prison

Unable to escape and frying at a fast rate

Looking for a way out; cannot find one in sight

Temperature rising exponentially inside and out

Tempted by the idea to lock myself in a large freezer

Beating the heat, metaphorically and literally.

Unclear if that's possible; able to remove physical elements

Never able to remove the internal notion of fear

Learning slowly to embrace the madness in whatever capacity

Making sure there's enough vegetable oil and Teflon

To coat this particular egg from becoming overdone

Worst thing to contend with in summertime

A burnt egg on a plate next to some extra crispy toast

Yuck indeed.

Feeling the heat, but unable to escape it.

Feeling the heat, but unable to escape it.

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