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Outwit Covid-19

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Outwit Covid-19 is about her fear of coronavirus. She wears her mask and uses hand sanitizer trying to stay safe. It is difficult for her to hide from something she cannot see. She worries about the one's who do not believe it is real putting her in danger. She trusts God to fight her battles. This calms her with a sense of peace.

"Outsmart Covid-19" by World Health Organization



Outwit Covid-19

Fear weighs heavy on her mind

trying to outwit the rage of Covid-19,

daunting her mask,

constantly dabbing gel on her dried out hands,

hoping to stay safe.

Feeling like she is stuck

between two fires

hiding from a monster she cannot see,

as the numbers spike

with many lying on their death beds,

suffering in isolation

waiting for a cure.

Worrying about the people

who do not believe in God,

who claim they need to see a miracle first,

taking nothing at face value

putting the rest of us in harm’s way.

Trusting in her heavenly father

to he fight her battles,

for he removes all her worries,

letting her know

the flames cannot consume her soul,

calming her with a sense of peace.

"Phil Wickham - Battle Belongs ( offical video)