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Outside In My Own Winter Wonderland

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It Doesn't Get Any Better Than That

I am the man with a shovel

There is something to be said for snow shoveling

When I walk out that door

It is man against nature

Each time I lift a shovel

I have to make a choice

My choices decide how I will get things done

My best method is slow and steady

How long will it take me to get done?

If I make mistakes

I have to correct them

If I wait to shovel then I have lots more snow to move

The light snow could turn to wet and heavy

When I have the time

I come out more often

Shoveling the snow before it is too high

Outside in the middle of nature

I find it a perfect time

To be thankful and count my blessings

I talk out loud

To the people that have passed on

As if we were talking on the phone

One on one

Anything I wanted to say

Who knows maybe they really are listening

It makes me feel good

In the cold air and sometimes the wind

I am in the middle of nature

Looking at the trees and grass covered in the golden snow

One hour leads to four hours

I lose track of time and feel tired

At the same time feel exhilarated

Being part of something bigger than me

I make my way back into the house

Enough for one day

Tomorrow I will do a little bit more

It will get done

In a unique and beautiful way

Maybe one day I will get a snow blower

It will be an easier way for snow removal

It will also be noisy and take away my quiet alone time

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