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Outer Space Poems: A Selection of Science Fiction Poetry

Jennifer Wilber is an author and freelance writer from Ohio. She holds a B.A. in creative writing and English.

Outer Space Poems by Jennifer Wilber

Outer Space Poems by Jennifer Wilber

The Beginning

In the beginning there was nothing
And then a spark.
Then stardust
And the universe began

Space Travel

Space travel is exciting
A grand adventure
Exploring new worlds
Where no human has ever been
Flying through the stars
A freedom like no one
Has ever known

3... 2... 1...

Space travel is boring
Every day, the same
The food is bland
The nights are infinitely long
You're out here alone
Wondering when you
Are going home

Black Hole Haiku

Light cannot escape.
The gravity is too great
Inside a black hole.


The sun will set
Every night.
And rise again
Every morning.
Until one day
It doesn't.


From stardust, the galaxy was born
Forming new stars.
And planets.
And life.
To stardust it will someday return
To start again anew:
The cosmic circle of life.


You flew in today.
I'll follow you wherever,
To the moon or Mars.

You floated away.
I fear you're lost forever,
Out amongst the stars.

Civil War

A world war is a civil war
In the greater scheme of things.
Consider the vast number of worlds out there;
We're not as different as we seem.

The End

In the end there was nothing
And then a spark.
Then stardust.
And the universe began again.

© 2021 Jennifer Wilber

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