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Out with old, in with new

Out with old, in with new

I marvel sometimes
how everything seems
out with the old, in with the new.

Is it child splay?
To proceed with
The new one.

If you answer,
yes, then there is
No point in saying
anything, but if not,
then u you have to Listen…
just for once trip down in
memory lane and smile if
you had enjoyed being with
Sitting with me and sharing
Your day, before I asked!
Tell me? Did you forget me,
Since a long time?
Did u remember when there was?
The last time did you share, Anything with me?
U block sharing, that’s why
I am asking u?
Sorry, if I uttered too much,
Today! Sorry because I don’t
Have any right to speak!
I just have a right to listen.

When you are writing,

Your history’s…

But let me inform u, I miss u…
I am delighted for u, that u move
On, move forward in life…
Your paper & pen, this side.

Don’t worry about us
We are pleasant together!
We overheard when someone says–
You started typing… you
Started sharing your days,
Investing hours and hours
With Minicomputer.

On your workstation
It’s maybe because u got
Promotion. congratulations!

keep it up and keep writing
as well as save wiring
In your heart! Writing will keep
your heartbeats are alive!

Recognize u pen successfully
Whenever u feel…
U miss me! You can share.
everything with me.
Yours truly,
Your diary, Take care, bye!

–Akansha Agrawal

© 2022 Akansha Agrawal

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