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Out on a limb

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.

Out on a limb

Spring is in the air, it’s damp and cool.

A light breeze blows by with the smell of rain.

Branches rustle, and sway in the distance.

But what’s this I see? A large heavy bird nest, hung high on the thin limb of a tree.

It sways back and forth, as if dancing with the breeze.

The winds beat is beginning to pick up.

Clouds fill the once clear skies.

A storm begins to brew.

The dance becomes more and more intense, as it goes form a Waltz to the Tango.

My mind’s eye races with images of falling babies, and cracking eggs.

I watch with bated eyes, my heart pounding, a crash of thunder and I jump.

The rain begins to crash down with pounding force.

I retreat to my own nest.

A new day.

The sun shines.

All is quiet, but in the distance a small “chirp”, “chirp”, “chirp”.

I puff a sigh of relief, all is well.

Actual birds nest that inspired the poem.

Out on a limb

Out on a limb

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi


Jason Nicolosi (author) from AZ on September 26, 2019:

Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on September 26, 2019:

This is a lovely description of nature. The story within the poem is interesting. I'm glad the birds in the nest were okay.

Jason Nicolosi (author) from AZ on September 26, 2019:

Thank you Charlie. I have more on the way!

Charlie Halliday from Scotland on September 26, 2019:

Really enjoyed this poem Jason

Jason Nicolosi (author) from AZ on September 26, 2019:

I really appreciate your feedback and complements. Thank You.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on September 26, 2019:

I enjoyed this poem, Jason. Wonderfully descriptive and actually dramatic with the birds nest having to brave the storm. Well done.

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