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Out of the Count of Life

I am a psychologist from Pakistan. l am a thinker, observer, avid reader, writer, and past-time story-maker.


Out of the count of life

The bird that came out of the queue

Breaking chains of beats

The heart came out of waiting

Whatever I trusted

He came out my trust

On what basis will you live?

Wait also came out of control

There were so many colors of pain

Tears welled up in his eyes

Friends don't care

Man is not respected

I need a pendulum

The head does not bow

Death repeatedly comforted

There is no shortage of fear

Borders are the destiny of the earth

The sky is not divided

Friendship with you is impossible

Oil does not dissolve in water

The pain is formless

Which has no cost

Everyone is sad to live

Not everyone is sad to die

Everyone's eyes are on it

Whose arm does not have a tail

Let's embrace without beating

Not everyone has a bomb in their jacket

Not familiar with the sun that commands

Such soils are not moist

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