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Open Mic Night

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


September 18, 2019

On this day,
The day where open mic night occured.
I was one of the few.
To share my poems.

But of course,
Before we get to that point.
Let us start.
From the beginning.

The sky was bursting with colors
Blue, orange, white.
The color palette of sunset.
A marvelous view.

The breeze was cool.
Trees are seen.
Grasses were green.
The stage was there.

A part of me wanted to climb up that stage.
Yet I worry of what people might say when I do.
But the people I love where the reason why I'm pursuing my passion in poetry.
And they happen to be the one who put my name on the list of performers.

As the sky got darker,
More people came.
Everything felt more at peace.
This is what I needed.

Poets shared their piece,
Singers sang their hearts,
Musicians showed their skills,
And there's me watching in awe.

The mood got better and better.
As poets shared their pieces.
Heartbreaks were mostly present.
Crowds cheering.

As the night gets deeper.
I noticed something.
Every people that came up on stage was sharing their pain.

Not just about love,
But all other stuffs that caused them pain.
And how powerful words can be
When it came from the person who experienced it.

Even when you didn't experienced it
You are somehow affected by how it was portrayed by the poet.
Then friends of mine told the host about my love for poetry.
My feelings were all over the place.
And then slowly walked towards the stage.

I realize I can do this,
that I want to be heard,
that it's possible I have something to say.

After open mic night ended.
Though it would've been nice if beer was involved.
But nonetheless,
Everything was perfect.

Came home only wishing for people who are in pain, to just keep on finding happiness.
No matter how long it will took.
It will always.
And I mean it will ALWAYS be worth finding and fighting for.

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