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Out of the Blue: I Saw You

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Dana, just an ordinary college student who wants simple and uncomplicated life.

Out of the Blue: I Saw You

Out of the blue I saw you

As the air breeze, leaves flew

Your eyes met mine

Not minding what is the time

Slowly but surely, you walk closer and closer

Oh, you are quiet shy but seems to act bolder

You smiled and said “Hi!”

But that moment, someone called me and I have to say, “Bye!”

That same spot, you have waited

I was then the one who walks closer and you almost fainted

“Hi” I said, then you smiled bigger than expected

As I reminisce those times, we were still excited

Sadly now, that same spot I saw you

You walk closer and closer that is the cue

For me to to step aside as the air breeze blew

Because out of the blue, you found someone new.

© 2022 Dana

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