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Out Of Time Not Out Of Ideas

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Twenty Four Hours In Every Day

Where does the time go?

We have all heard time fly's when you are having fun

It seems to go by quicker

When we find joy

It drags when you are bored or at work

Watching the clock

Now, what can we do about it?

We can do nothing and live every day like we are on a hampster wheel

Spinning around faster and faster

Maybe a stray cat on a hot day chasing his tail

That way we are never going to catch up

Both ways we will never get ahead

We can take a step back

Let's look at the clock in a different way

Instead of being the enemy

Let's pretend it is our friend

Time is given to us every day

There is one catch

When you have a good time

You use up twice as much time

Then when you are struggling or having a difficult time

Your time goes twice as slow

So you can find a way to correct your life

Make all the necessary changes to live a happy life

The greatest part of all

Every day we are given twenty-four more new hours

Then there is always an exception to the rule

One day there is no more time to be given

That is the end of this life

Then we move on to a whole new beginning

With different rules and more joy than ever before

Think of it as going from grade school to high school

You are sad you are going to miss so many of your old friends

All the good times will be just memories

Then you meet new friends

You make new special times and have even more fun

Growing up comes in so many different stages of our life

We have to live through it

Then we may begin to understand it

Today is Father's Day

Wishing all the dads everywhere a wonderful afternoon

It is a big step being a dad

It comes with an endless amount of responsibility

Constant love is a good foundation

Then over the years, we learn as we go

This is not what I can say from experience

Only from what my father has shown me growing up

I am a proud Godfather and a father our lovely cat Charlotte

Other than that I am only guessing and putting the pieces together

For all those dads who have to still work on Father's Day

I can relate and understand it would be better spent with the family

I think if we appreciate all the time we have

Then no matter where we go and what we do

If it's work or with family

We do it the best we can

So if your out watering the flowers and the tomato plants

Before the sun comes up

Relaxing at home watching t.v.

Washing up the dirty dishes before the next round

Writing a hub about living life in the moment

It all ties together

Once and a while things will go wrong

If it's dropping food on the floor

You just pulled out of the refrigerator

Then you silently curse those nasty words

If you get a kink in the hose

When the water stops

Nobody else will do it

Then you have to go and fix it

Even on Father's Day

How lucky are we

To be picked for all the little things

That later end up to be the big things

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